Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I am one HAPPY DOG!!! I got to go for a ride in the car today. I got to sit by She-who-feeds-me (SWFM) for most of the ride until she had to pick up the Boy. There were all sorts of 2-legged animals everywhere but none of them came and loved on me. And then there were the 4-legged animals -- they need to just stay out of my way! I saw a motorcycle. I don't like motorcycles!! Just let close to will be MINE!!!! At least they'll need to wash it REALLY good after I'm finished with it. When we picked up the Boy I had to get in the back. I didn't like that. He's okay. I like the other one that comes to visit me better. After the Boy got in the car, we drove some more and he got out and I got by SWFM. I was happy! But then he got back in and back to the back I go. GRRRRRRR! There was another motorcycle. We drove again and then we stopped by some trees. Can I go say "Hi" to the trees? I need to say "Hi" really bad! YAY! The Boy got out again. I got to get by SWFM again. I <3 SWFM. HAPPY DOG!!!!! Now we're back home. What an adventure. I sleepy. Where's Boo? Lamby Poo, where are you?!


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