Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hey Cow!!

You can't get me!!
Na na na na nu nu!!
And later...I'm gonna have a big, fat, juicy steak for supper.

Monday, February 18, 2013

I'm a Cowboy!

Yippee Kai Yai Yay!!!!!

Yeah...I'm doing my Bruce Willis impersonation. I'm a baaaaaaaaaaad cowboy! Watch me wrangle up some stray dogies and show'em who's boss.

I told'em!

They knew.

If that fence just hadn't been in my way, I would've had me some juicy, thick, delicious and fresh T-bone steak for supper.

Damn fence!

It got in the way of my stomach.

I even did my best bull dance...they were scared. Uh huh!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

I Got a New Toy...

I got a new toy.
One that makes lots of clicks,
One that makes me feel like a czar,
And get me a lot of chicks.
I got a new toy.
One that I take to bed,
One that has a big pink nose
And I can't tear to shreds.

It's a big pink flamingo.
It used to be brand new.
And it makes me feel
Like I feel I'll shout yaaaaahoo!
I'm in love with you.

I got a new toy.
One that gives thrills.
One that didn't cost too much
Or have a refill.
I got a new toy.
One that better stay.
One that could keep her up all night.
One that could make me sleep all day.
One that will make me really fuss
Wonderin' where it flew.
One that makes me feel
Like I feel I'll shout yaaaaahoo!
I'm in love with you.
I'm in love with you, Pinkie.

(Thanks Huey Lewis!)

It crunches...It squeaks...It has LOTS of places to chew and suck. It's PINKIE!!!! 

I love Human #2. She came over with a bag. A BAG with surprise in it for ME!!!! She's really special like that. 
I love Pinkie. I am one happy dog.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEE!!!

It's my birthday!!! Where are my presents?!?!?!

I like getting older. Bring it on! Getting older just means I can get away with more stuff. Blame it on "old age". Yeah. That's it. I'm old and too feeble to go outside. Carry me. Hold me. Call me Sweet Cheeks!

SWFM spoiled me. She took me for a ride in the car (and brought me back home) and we got ICE CREAM!!!!

I scream; you scream; we all scream for ICE CREAM!!!

Well...I might not be screaming but more like snorting with delight!! DAMN GOOD ice cream!!!

It was a double-dipped, double-lickin' good kind of spoonful of Maggie Moo's delicious vanilla ice cream.

I haz a happy, cold tummy now.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

I haz a happy!! Santa Claus came to see me!!! I thought that old codger knew everything. He obviously didn't check his list twice because I know I wasn't good!!! I'm not complaining. I got delicious new bone. The look says it all.

She-Who-Feeds-Me has not found ALL the gifts I've left for her this year!! bwahahahahahahaa!!She'll find them eventually.  :P

Now to start on next year's gift giving. I've got LOTS of gifts to start "wrapping." You know, it's damn hard to wrap when you don't have thumbs!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Plop! Plop! Fizz! Fizz!

...Oh what a relief it is...

I can't believe I ate the WHOLE thing!!! UGH!!!!

Stick a fork in me; I'm done. My indicator popped out.

I totally enjoyed a big plate of turkey and dressing and broccoli rice casserole and... and... and... zzzzzzzzzzz

Nap time!!

Hope all you Team Maxsters had a fabulous and safe Eat-Til-You-Pop Day!!!! I know I did!


awwww much better. NOW I have room for seconds!

Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm Mmmmmmmelting!!!

Actually...I just had one too many. 
I'm definitely gonna need some hair of the dog that bit me in the morning.

Jumping johosephat! Stop flashing that damn camera in my face!!! 
Damn human! This is NOT funny. Paybacks are hell!!
There is a shoe with a puddle in it in your future.

Monday, October 24, 2011

It's Popcorn-tober!!!

Open wide... Insert POPCORN!!!!!

This is one my favorite months of the year...National POPCORN Month!! I LOVE POPCORN!!!! I ADORE POPCORN!!!!

I want to pop a field of popcorn and roll nekkid in it. Then eat my way out. I LOVE POPCORN!!!

Do you know that I love popcorn? I DO!!!!!!!

SWFM has been popping popcorn this month...but NOT ENOUGH!!! Hey, SWFM, LISTEN UP...I...WANT...MORE...POPCORN!!!

I can tell when she's thinking about popcorn. I get this vibe then the sweet buttery aroma starts drifting by my nose. POP! What's that I hear?!  POP! POP! POP!! POPCORN!!!!!

Time for my happy POPCORN dance!!!

Only thing that would make this any better would be a hot, little pugette all dressed up as a popcorn ball and drizzled with butter as she feeds me one luscious popped kernel at a time. ::pug dreams::

Hmmmmmm... I think I'll have SWFM make me some POPCORN BALLS!!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

New Hybrid Breed

Not sure what to call it...
Peep? Shug? Plamb? Lug?
Maybe just plain ol' fugly!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pug Centerfold

Be still my beating pug heart! I'm in LOVE!!!!
I'm definitely printing this babe and plastering her all over my pug pad! Hubba hubba!!!! Talk about making my tongue hang out...that's an understatement!! SWFM will be telling me all night "put that crayon up!" :D

Sweet dreams for me tonight!!!

Wonder if I can find her number...Anybody got any connections??