Friday, October 9, 2009

Grumpy Furball

This has been an excellent week! I have had coffee with SWFM every day! We cuddled in the morning and took our dear sweet time before we'd go for a car ride hauling The Boy wherever he needed to go. I just LOVE routines. I miss them when she's got to go somewhere. Cuz when she's gone, I have to go in the wire box where the furballs poke me and tease me. But not this week! I've been out chasing them and barking in their ears.

Grumpy Furball just hates it when I bark. But you know, she needs to get out of my face so that won't be an issue for her. I don't know why she thinks she's got to rub ALL over me and then lay on me like I'm some sort of bean bag there just for her comfort. GEEZ!!! I get a nose full of fur every time. And get this...this furball likes to spoon with me and she's ain't even cute! Definitely a two-bagger. Heaven help me!

She doesn't know it but barking is just my way of irritating her and making her move. I'm no dumb dog! I just love it when she stomps off meowing under her breath. ::evil grin::

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Penny said...

Poor Grumpy Furball ... her love for Max is unrequited but she'll never give up!