Monday, October 26, 2009

One HAPPY Dawg!

I am ONE happy dawg!! SWFM went shopping this weekend and came home with a Gateway Netbook AND she set the house up for wireless!! Guess what that means!?!?! This pug can be on the puter without leaving my bed. That's right! We are taking the couch pug to a WHOLE new level now. And when she leaves...I don't have to sneak out of my box with bars anymore...I can stay in bed and surf the world wide web. Hot DAWG!!! It's got a camera built right in. I'm already snapping pics. Ladies, just you wait...pug videos are next :P

SWFM spoils me. But I'm learning that typing on a laptop is not easy for a dog.


Penny said...

MaxCam! MaxCam! Set it up in the Box with Bars and SWFM can check up on him when she's out and about.

Max Z Pug said...

As awesome as MaxCam would be...I don't want SWFM watching what I do while she's gone. I finally get some private time when she's out...I don't need her becoming a voyeur. :P

Penny said...

Hmmmm ... I'm thinking Max and Grumpy Furball have a little forbidden love thang going on. :D