Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just face it...Pugs Rule!

It's true. Pugs rule! We have the life. Our human pets feed us and love us and pamper us. We just let them think they have the upper hand when in all actuality -- we have them wrapped around our cute, curly tails. That has definitely been the story for the last four days. Seems SWFM went off on one of her trips and left Human #2 "in charge". HA! It was a piece of cake!

H2 absolutely spoils me. She made sure I had my quota of treats even though I had to share with the Furball. She's just not fast enough in handing them out. Got to work with her on that. Faster, Human, Faster!!!

At one point, Furball decided to hold her down while I tiptoed down the hall to have a quickie with my secret pillow in the other room. Thanks, FB!! The plan worked perfectly!! As get some extra treats next time. :P

It was at bedtime when I had the most fun...especially when I made H2 squeal! LOL

As she was settling in, I moved in and layed down next to her...slowly moving up to her pillow. Before she knew it I had a mouthful of her pillow. LOL My planned work -- I got the pillow for the night. She wanted nothing to do with that wet, slobbery pillow for the rest of the night. If she only knew what I REALLY wanted to do that pillow! :P Score one for The Pug!

Even though SWFM has a queen-size's just not big enough for the two of us. I want to spread out when I'm sleeping. She doesn't need much room. Besides, I'm the king of this house. ::evil laugh:: They should know this by now!

Come morning, H2 had some nerve telling me it was time to get up! Who cares if it was 10am, I wanted to sleep! What was the rush? We weren't going anywhere. So, nothing else to do but crawl back under the covers. Maybe she wouldn't see me and go away.
And this was JUST Day 1...

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