Friday, May 27, 2011

My Life is Being Taken Over by FURBALLS!


I swear! This damn new furball at my house is totally taking over and screwing up our routines!!!

First off...he's just here. period.
Second. HE HIT ME!!!! damn cat.
Then he has the nerve to sleep in my toys as you read in my earlier post, I've Got Company.

AND NOW...NOW...Now he is sleeping on MY PILLOW! You SPECIAL pillow... the one Britney Spears wrote a song about. The pillow that I LOOOOOOOOOOVE!! Now, my precious pillow is covered in freaking cat hair and cat cooties!!! GAG!!!!

damn furball.

my pillow is soiled.  :(  my pillow is tainted.  :(   my pillow.   ::sob::

1 comment:

Penny said...

Max, Max, Max ... step up your game! 1)Make a stealth move on the furball while it's asleep on your pillow. 2)Pretend not to notice said creature.
3)Practice your usual routine on the pillow. :-D