Monday, October 24, 2011

It's Popcorn-tober!!!

Open wide... Insert POPCORN!!!!!

This is one my favorite months of the year...National POPCORN Month!! I LOVE POPCORN!!!! I ADORE POPCORN!!!!

I want to pop a field of popcorn and roll nekkid in it. Then eat my way out. I LOVE POPCORN!!!

Do you know that I love popcorn? I DO!!!!!!!

SWFM has been popping popcorn this month...but NOT ENOUGH!!! Hey, SWFM, LISTEN UP...I...WANT...MORE...POPCORN!!!

I can tell when she's thinking about popcorn. I get this vibe then the sweet buttery aroma starts drifting by my nose. POP! What's that I hear?!  POP! POP! POP!! POPCORN!!!!!

Time for my happy POPCORN dance!!!

Only thing that would make this any better would be a hot, little pugette all dressed up as a popcorn ball and drizzled with butter as she feeds me one luscious popped kernel at a time. ::pug dreams::

Hmmmmmm... I think I'll have SWFM make me some POPCORN BALLS!!!!

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