Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What is a Tail?

SWFM was nice enough to take a pic of my handsome pug butt so I could see it. I have NEVER seen my tail. Look at that...it sure is curly! Check it out!!! I can't help staring at it. It's like this perfect spiral. It's so cute. I could look at it all night. You would too if you've never seen your backside before.

I understand things alot better now. I've always wondered what was back there. I'd get this itch and for the life of me I am NEVER EVER able to bite or scratch it. It is because that cute curly tail is in my blind spot. You would think with eyes like mine I'd be able to see it BUT have you ever seen a pug bend at the waist? It ain't pretty. I scoot and scoot and scoot but the damn thing keeps moving on me! Thank goodness I've got a really, really long tongue.

When I'm happy and wagging my tail, my WHOLE body is swinging. Wagging my tail is like exercising because I have no tail to wag! It's like doing some type of aerobic pug exercise. For me, tail wagging starts at my neck and continues all the way down my back and to my pug butt – swinging left to right. Maybe that's why I always hear Chubby Checker singing "Come on baby, let's do the twist." I'm not wagging my tail...I'm dancing to Chubby Checker!

Think I'll just sit here for a while and memorize each little hair and twist of my handsome pug tail. I have such a cute pug butt.

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PugPearl via Mom's Blog said...

You have a gorgeous tail. A double curl too!