Saturday, March 28, 2009

Here Comes Max with his Curly Tail... running down the backyard trail...

Here comes Max with his curly tail
Running down the backyard trail
Trip-ity flop his tongue got in the way.
He chases the cats all around
Makes them jump high off the ground
Tormenting cats is how he spends his day
Once he starts he never stops
He'll do pug runs until he drops
This pug is tuckered out from all his play
Now he's found his fav'rite toy
A toss and hump will bring him joy
MaxZPug will sleep the day away.
(c) 2009 MaxZPug
Woof! Woof! Easter is just around the corner. So SWFM and I tested out my bunny costume. I love the bunny teeth. Only one problem...between my tongue and those teeth I couldn't talk. That is definitely a mouthful!

My pawbuddy Duke Richard II is having a costume contest so I'm ready now!

1 comment:

Harley the Pug said...

Those teeth are somethin else!! Loved your lyrics.