Friday, August 14, 2009

She did it AGAIN!

I don't believe it. She did it again. SWFM tricked me!!

After I took care of her ALL week while she was sick. I cuddled with her. Sat close and kept her warm. Gave her pug kisses that have great healing power. I even shared my food with her after she sneezed! She betrayed me. grrrrr. She's obviously feeling better.

I got all excited because she tells me we're going for a car ride. A car ride!!! YAY!!! I just <3>Guess it's like fighting a greased pig. I'll teach you for touching my feet and cutting my nails. BARK!!!

Finally, they leave. Damn! SWFM tries to make up by giving me a cookie. It's gonna take more than a cookie to make this pug happy. She takes me back to the car. YAY! And we went home. I am exhausted. That tricky human. I'm gonna have to pay more attention to what's she's up to so she doesn't do that to me again.

Oh...lookie over there! :) She's left her purse on the floor. I think I'll forget to ring the bell and just go give her purse a nice "shower".

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Penny said...

So that explains why you have a new purse!