Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It sucks being a sick pug

I don't feel so good. It hurts to move. Hurts to bark. My head hurts. My tail lost it's curl. I'm not that hungry. OMG! I must be sick!

SWFM is taking real good care of me...just holding me and letting me cuddle and lean on her. At least I'm not sick out of both ends...just in the middle.

I hope she's going to take me to see the handsome doctor.

I can't even get excited about riding in the car.



Penny said...

She's cooking special meals for you, right?

Max Z Pug said...

HER? Cook? paaaaleeeeze!!!!
But she is feeding me by hand. Bite by bite...I'm waiting on the grapes next. She must teach the furballs how to serve me, too. They could work the feather fans...don't you think?