Friday, December 4, 2009

Yellow Snow = No. Yellow Ice = Yes.

It snowed. I'm not impressed.

Snow is cold and wet. YUCK! Why do humans get all excited about it? Don't they know that global warming is consuming the earth – not cold weather? I don't like snow. All snow does is melt and make mud. I can't stay a lady's man if I'm wet and muddy.

Let me just say there was NO yellow snow at my house today. My paws didn't even touch the ground. As you can see, I promptly found a high and dry place on the patio furniture to plant my butt to sit there and stared at the nasty white stuff. She-who-feeds-me kept trying to get me to go out on the grass but HELLO! there is NO's just that nasty, cold, wet snow.

BUT...there will be a patch of yellow ice on the patio in the watch your step.

I must admit that there is one thing I enjoy about all this cold weather. I love wearing my sweaters. I feel so cozy and of course I am quiet handsome. And I almost forgot the one benefit of cold weather and snow...

PUG RUNS!!!!!!!!

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Penny said...

Max, you handsome devil!