Sunday, August 29, 2010

One Helluva a Road Trip!

Hoorah for family car rides! We had one doozie of a trip a couple of sunrises ago. She-who-feeds-me got up WAY TOO EARLY for my tastes. The sun wasn't even shining yet. She started doing really weird stuff -- her morning routine was out of whack. Next thing I know, she's loading up the car...AND ME! We're going for a CAR RIDE!!! I'm one happy pug! Next thing I know she's loading up more humans....Human #2 and the boy. Man, I hope this doesn't mean we're going to see the Old One.

I got to ride by H2. She spoils me. I get to sit whereever I want to...which is usually on her. Not sure what was up with The Boy. He insisted on snoring most of the way. I just know that H2 and I didn't have too much room to snore ourselves.

We saw lots of strange things. I think it had to do with something about where we were. The humans kept talking about this place called "Louisiana." All I know is it smelled really funny.

She-who-feeds-me made the mistake of getting out of the car and leaving the keys. HOT DOG!! I finally get to drive! Am I clear on that side?

It was a looooooong day. Didn't get to water the grass much but that was because there wasn't much grass to water. Lots of water everywhere. What's up with this place? H2 kept me happy with snacks and libations. I had lots of good snoring time butt to butt with H2.

When we finally got home, the sun was not shining...AGAIN!!! What are these humans doing to me?! Don't they know I need my beauty sleep? Pugs are delicate flowers and must be treated as such. It was nice to get in my bed but I enjoyed the car ride. It didn't take me too long to start snoring BUT SWFM kept out-snoring me all night. The nerve!!

I'm a traveling pug.
Can't wait to feel the road beneath my paws again.

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