Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm Grounded.

I can't help it. I'm just naturally that way. I am a lady's pug. That's right...the ladies just swoon all over me when I'm out and about the town. So, can I help it I'm a horn-dawg? Of course not!

How can I be held responsible if THEY give me pug viagra. You heard me. Remember those pills SWFM gives me for my low thyroid? Well, I have become the "Energizer Pug" with those things! I keep going and going and going. I'm insatiable!


You get the picture now. SWFM has now grounded me. She took my love goddess away...my soft, fluffy, pillow of L-O-V-E. SWFM said my dinky needs a rest – she says I'll end up with blisters on it (ha! that's only if I go trolling down Montrose). All this just because all the loving made a bald spot on my tummy. Who likes a hairy tummy?

So now, I just sit and wait and dream of my pillow and suck on Boo


Penny said...

Tell SWFM to get with the times. It's hip to be hairless ... 'specially in the dinky region. :-D

Max Z Pug said...

Back in my disco phase...I was a smooooooth and a sexy pug. But grow-back was always a pain in the balls especially when ya can't reach them to scratch. :P

Penny said...

Gettin' old's a bitch, ain't it?

Sandy said...

Didn't we just discuss that manscaping was what all the cool dogs do?