Saturday, October 10, 2009

Human #2! Human #2!

I saw Human #2!!!
Human #2 came to see me!!!
Human #2!! Human #2!!
I ::heart:: HUMAN #2!!!
HUMAN #2!!!

Human #2 brought The Boy. Oh well. Wait a second!! The Boy sat next to SWFM in MY spot!! But wait...Human #2 was here!!! I ::heart:: Human #2!! But The Boy was in MY spot!!
I got pug hugs from Human #2!

We played. I panted. We danced. I panted. We cuddled. I panted. I tried to sit next to SWFM. I panted. I licked The Boy in the face. I panted. HUMAN #2 was here!!

I collapsed. ::snore::

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Becky Washam said...

Great blog! I'm the one that just ordered the 3 pug necklaces from you for the DFW Pug Rescue Group Pug-O-Ween fundraiser/silent auction. They got to our coordinator today and she said they were adorable and that you gave us an extra necklace! Thank you SO much! I know those necklaces are going to bring in some much needed $$$ for our Dallas/Fort Worth Pugs!